Laurence vincent

About Larry

Laurence Vincent is an award-winning writer and brand strategist. He is the Chief Branding Officer of United Talent Agency, where he applies consumer research and creative strategy development to a broad range of client ventures and initiatives. Over his 25-year career he has developed strategies for many leading brands, including Disney, Mattel, Microsoft, the NFL, Nikon, Sony Playstation, and WebMD.

Driven by the mantra that “story is strategy,” Vincent has pioneered narrative approaches to brand-building that combine insights from consumer research with best practices in storytelling and visual design.

He has published three books. His most recent, Brand Real, was selected by strategy+business magazine as one of the best business books of 2012. His first book on branding, Legendary Brands, was translated into seven languages and continues to serve as an important work that details the link between narrative and brand value. He has also written articles for European Business Review and Forbes. He is a frequent speaker on brands, consumer behavior, leadership, and marketing innovation.

Vincent lives in Santa Monica. His family life and life as a storyteller converged in 2004 when his daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has written extensively about her experiences on Jordan's Journey, a blog that chronicles the inspiring will and perseverance of a Cancer Slayer.